Yes! We do employ trained monkeys with outragous hats and handlebar mustaches. We originally tried zombies which were cheap and very creative but had certain attributes that were a little hard to deal with. We also looked into robots which could work hard and around the clock without breaks but they were expensive and not very creative. We settled with monkeys because they were cheap, creative and went with our zoo theme. Don't stress about the artwork! Our trained monkeys can create final art from your ideas or sketches.
If you have a logo or image you would like to email us please provide it in the following formats:
We prefer vector files AI, EPS, CDR, PDF If you don't have any of these formats you can send us a JPEG, BITMAP, PSD, TIFF, GIF etc... 300dpi would be nice.
For exact color matches please use the Pantone matching system with solid coated colors.
We assume all artwork provided has the proper permissions to be used. Any copyright issues will be your responsibility.
Here at Logo Zoo we have a family friendly products only policy. What does that mean you ask? If it would embarrass you to show it to your grandmother than we won't make it. If necessary we will employ a committee of grannies to determine if your art is family friendly.